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Start Times

The 2018 Marine Mud Challenge is scheduled for Saturday May 12th . These are the official start times for this year's event.  We recommend that you arrive at least 1 hour early for your time.  This will allow you to verify your time, get your number, check your bags and stage.


The Children's Challenge course is open form 0800 to approximately 1230. Children do not have a designated start time.  Once we have your Child's release form they are welcome to attempt the course as many times as they want.  Our current record is 9 times around the 1 mile loop.


To make entry to our post easier for non-DoD card holders, please either print out or save a digital copy of the memorandum to your mobile device.  This event memorandum will allow you with ID to entry the post without the generally required background check.   Anyone 16 and older will need valid ID, and remember even with the memorandum, that all persons, bags and vehicles are subject to search as you enter and while aboard Ft. Gordon.  This is a big event there will be back-ups at our gates so please plan accordingly.