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These are the official results for the 2017 Marine Mud Challenge.  Regardless of how you placed, each of you should take pride in what you accomplished today.  Our course is not easy and finishing is not something just anyone can do.  For several of our participants this was the first time they ever attempted a Mud Challenge.  Wear your finishing medals with pride, you earned them.


We would like to thank all of our sponsors, volunteers and everyone from aboard post and the surrounding CSRA area that helped make this year's  Marine Mud Challenge one of our best ever.  This year's course was filled with some of our best mud we've ever had and the weather simply couldn't have been much better.


Fianlly, we would like to congratulate everyone of you and to see all you again next year as we celebrate our 10th anniversary of our great event.  Rest assured we have a few surprises in store.

Finish Times